The BSF grieves the death of Shimon Peres

In 2017 ALL NSF-BSF programs will have only a single round of submissions

A new NSF-BSF program in Computer Sciences

Exceptionally high success rate of Israelis in the 2015-16 NSF-BSF programs

Changes in the classical BSF program: Psychology (except Psychobiology) and Ecology have been moved to the alternate years

The NSF has approached the Israeli government with the request to continue the NSF-BSF programs

10 new Travel Grants to PhD students were approved

Two new Transformative Science grants have been made in the 2015-16 round of proposals

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The NSF will award travel grants U.S. applicants in the regular 2016 BSF program in Computer Sciences

You can download Prof. Rosenzweig's NSF-BSF presentation here.

We have put together a short presentation with tips for Israeli PIs who are interested in submitting an NSF-BSF proposal.


TAU researchers find way to slow down white blood cells

New look at neuroscience draws experts to ASU

Heartbeat is complex, synchronized event, find Weizmann Institute and Penn Scientists

The Tidings of Scientific Collaboration with the United States (in Hebrew)

New Study Raises Questions about Training by Repetition for Those with Autism

Researchers sequence genomes of parasite that is actually a 'micro jellyfish'