BSF office closed for Passover

BSF Travel Grants deadline May 7

Website open for 2018 proposal submissions

Regulations for 2018 Regular Grants Program now available

87 New grants awarded in the 2017 Regular Research Grants program

Three new Transformative Science grants have been made in the 2017 round of proposals

The NSF published its 2017 announcement about the joint programs with Israel.

High Success Rates of Israelis in the NSF-BSF programs - statistics are now available.

25% Cap on Success Rates in the Regular Program will be applied starting in 2017

Support for the NSF-BSF cooperation is now part of the new five-year plan of the Israeli Higher Education Council

The NSF has approached the Israeli government with the request to continue the NSF-BSF programs

ACTION ALERT: follow us on Twitter

You can download Prof. Rosenzweig's NSF-BSF presentation here.

We have put together a short presentation with tips for Israeli PIs who are interested in submitting an NSF-BSF proposal.


Director-General Irina Bokova celebrates science diplomacy at the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation annual event

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URI professor leading U.S., Israeli probe into adaptability of coral reefs

Possible cure for day blindness starts human trials

New Method of Creating Complex Proteins