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Active Grants Contracts
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A grant by the BSF is awarded to a grantee(s) institution(s) and not to the principal investigator(s). The grantee(s) institution(s) is the accredited non-profit research organization with prime responsibility for the administrative aspects of the grant. The principal investigators are responsible for supervision of the scientific aspects of the research. In the event that the principal investigator(s) is granted support for the same or a related project from other sources, the BSF should be notified immediately.

Before initiation of a project, a contract will be drawn up between the BSF and the grantee(s) institution(s) defining the obligations and rights of both sides. It is an obligation of the grantee(s) institution(s) to assure that BSF-supported research is conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards and all applicable laws and regulations. The research must be carried out in a manner that minimizes detrimental effects on humans, animals, plants and the environment.

A research project may receive approval for up to four years. A single contract will be signed, covering the entire grant period. However, continuation of projects for the second, third and fourth research years is dependent on submission and approval of science and fiscal reports, as well as on the availability of funds.

All research projects supported by the BSF must fully comply, when applicable, with the Helsinki Committee standards and/or all rules, regulations and ethical codes that have been enacted by the governments and/or authorized authorities in the United States and Israel. It is the primary responsibility of the researcher(s) and the research authorities to assure compliance with restrictions in Israel and the United States and to obtain all of the necessary permits prior to the implementation of a BSF grant. The BSF will not be held responsible or legally liable in the event of non-compliance and/or negligence and/or any kind of violation of such regulations.
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