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Active Grants Fiscal report
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The grantee institution must keep separate bookkeeping accounts recording all the project's expenditures. These accounts provide the basis for the fiscal reports, which should relate to budgetary items agreed upon in the contract.

Annual and final fiscal reports (in 1 copy) should be submitted on the forms provided by the BSF. The report must list the total expenditures for the year, together with the budgeted amounts for each item. The reports should be submitted within two months of completion of each 12 months during the period covered by the research contract.

(Forms can be downloaded from this Web site).

Auxiliary Personnel
The salaries of technicians may be paid in proportion to their time devoted to the project. Their roles in the project should be outlined and names given. For technicians who are full-time permanent employees, grantee institutions may charge the grant for time spent on the project, up to 50% of the technician's salary.

Travel Expenses Abroad
The BSF may allocate money for travel of an investigator or a member of his research team to the other country, only when such travel appears essential to the execution of the research project and to the collaboration. That is, travel funds may be provided to allow investigators to work together at one or the other institutions, or meet at a conference in the U.S. or Israel.  Only meetings of at least two full days duration, not including weekends and holidays, will be supported.  Meetings at other locations within the U.S. require prior approval of the BSF. Meetings in other countries are not supported. A BSF grant may not be used to support a sabbatical. The travel allowance may be used by members of the Israeli or American research team. The BSF approves travel in economy class only and will cover per diem expenses only for the days spent together at the approved locations. If the working meeting takes place during a conference, copies of registration by both investigators must accompany the fiscal report by each of them. The BSF does not support the cost of conference registration of any of the PIs. BSF grant to the US investigator will not support travel within the U.S.

Other Expenses
Page and color charges, up to $500 per grant, will be allowed for joint publications of the applicants in the regular and Transformative Science programs. In NSF-BSF grants there is no limit on these expenses if used for joint publications. Miscellaneous expenses are considered by the BSF on a case-by-case basis.
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