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Active Grants Adherence to Original Program
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The BSF expects the grantee(s) to adhere to the contract terms, including the research and budgetary plans. However, the investigator(s) should feel free to pursue interesting and important leads that may arise during the conduct of the research. When it appears from a scientific standpoint that the investigation, as originally proposed, will no longer be fruitful, or that a related line of research will be more promising, the investigator(s) may discontinue or modify unpromising lines of investigation. Should deviation from the original research proposal be substantial, the investigator(s) must inform the BSF, describing and explaining the necessity for these changes.

Changes in Personnel:
Written approval of the BSF is required for changes involving the participation in a project of principal investigators and other key personnel. Please consult the Regulations for details.

Change of affiliation by a PI:
The BSF should be notified in the event that a principal investigator changes organizational affiliation. In such cases, neither the principal investigator nor the grantee institution may make further use of the grant. The BSF will consider transfer of grants on a case-by-case basis.

Budget Items:
During the years that a signed agreement is in force, it may be possible to transfer funds from one item to another or from one year to another within the total approved budget. Please consult the Regulations for details.
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