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Donors Making a Difference - Paul and Rodica Burg
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Interview with Paul Burg, a donor with a spark of creativity

Paul and Rodica Burg.
Photo credit: AIPAC
“I believe the Jews of today should set an example for the next generation. It gives us strength to support Israel and its scientific community. We all benefit from the results of the scientific collaborations funded through the BSF,” said businessman and philanthropist Paul Burg. An ardent supporter of Israel, along with many Jewish charitable causes within the United States, Paul and Rodica, his wife of 54 years, chose to make a very creative donation to the U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF). He is chairman of Spectrum Chemicals, a company he founded that has grown to become a well-known manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical and fine chemicals. After his friend and board member of the American Friends for the BSF Steve Feinstein, MD introduced Paul to the BSF, Paul started thinking about ways he could lend his support. Quickly a concept developed that he knew would benefit both Israeli researchers and their scientific partners in the United States.

“I’m delighted to help BSF funded scientists at the Weizman Institute and at the University of Tel Aviv through our gift of $100,000 worth of laboratory chemicals,” related Paul. “I am convinced that we will celebrate this initial Spectrum Chemicals involvement with BSF with new discoveries for the betterment of science and life.”

Paul and Rodica immigrated to the United States from Romania in 1965 and settled in the Chicago area. After living under Communism, they have embraced their new life in America. Now an international company with plants in California and New Jersey, he created Spectrum Chemicals in 1971 and has enjoyed developing this respected brand and seeing it through its many different growth phases. Today, Spectrum Chemicals is known for its diversified catalog and products that are always reliable. They manufacture and distribute fine chemicals and laboratory products for scientific, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries that meet the highest governmental and regulation standards.

At 82 years young, Paul is looking forward to stepping back from the day-to-day management and spending more time with his growing family. From his Southern California Palos Verdes home overlooking the ocean, this man of wisdom and energy looks forward to staying involved with politics and his philanthropic work. Paul believes that the state of Israel is very special. He ponders this nation’s impossible barriers and the daily struggle to exist. “Israel is like no other country in the world,” related Paul. “Israel is a miracle, look what they have accomplished!”

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