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Grant History List of Grants (Research Program)
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Total of 1824 grants
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Application No. (year)TitleInvestigatorsAORYearsGrant Amount ($US)
2015409 (2015) Evolution of wheat yield improvement
Dr. Hale Iago, University of New Hampshire , USA.
Dr. Distelfeld Assaf, Tel Aviv University , Israel.
Life Science - Plant Sciences4165600
2015398 (2015) The role of microRNAs in the decline of germline stem cell functionality during aging
Prof. Lai Eric C, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, USA.
Dr. Toledano Hila, The University of Haifa, Israel.
Life Science - Cell and Developmental Biology4180000
2015395 (2015) Host proteins interactions with herpesvirus genomes
Dr. Weitzman Matthew D, Children`s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA.
Dr. Kobiler Oren, Tel Aviv University , Israel.
Life Science - Microbiology4147600
2015385 (2015) Depth of language processing of unattended speech
Prof. Poeppel David, New York University, USA.
Dr. Zion Golumbic Elana, Bar Ilan University , Israel.
2015376 (2015) Binding in the cell
Prof. Zhou Huan-Xiang, Florida State University , USA.
Prof. Schreiber Gideon, Weizmann Institute of Science , Israel.
Life Science - Biochemistry4180000
2015369 (2015) SIRT6 and healthspan
Dr. De Cabo Rafael, NIH-National Institute of Aging, USA.
Prof. Cohen Haim, Bar Ilan University , Israel.
Medicine - Aging, Social and Rehabilitative Medicine, Epidemiology4126000
2015365 (2015) Drug targeting strategy for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease: a novel prodrug approach
Prof. Ben-Shabat Shimon, Ben Gurion University , Israel.
Prof. Aponick Aaron, University of Florida , USA.
Dr. Zimmermann Ellen, University of Florida , USA.
Prof. Dahan Arik, Ben Gurion University , Israel.
Medicine - Metabolic and Endocrine Systems4180000
2015363 (2015) Microvasculopathy in Brain Injury
Prof. Kaufer Daniela, University of California , USA.
Prof. Friedman Alon, Ben Gurion University , Israel.
Medicine - Neurological and Sensory Systems4180000
2015361 (2015) Startup H. pylori infection and oral enteric vaccines
Prof. Levine Myron M, University of Maryland; Medicine, USA.
Dr. Muhsen Khitam, Tel Aviv University , Israel.
Medicine - Aging, Social and Rehabilitative Medicine, Epidemiology260000
2015357 (2015) Neurophysiological correlates of color perception
Prof. Shapley Robert M, New York University, USA.
Prof. Slovin Hamutal, Bar Ilan University , Israel.
Life Science - Neurobiology4126000

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