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Grant History List of Grants (Research Program)
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Total of 2033 grants
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Application No. (year)TitleInvestigatorsAORYearsGrant Amount ($US)
2017369 (2017) stress, inflammation and genetic susceptibility mediating psychosis in 22q11.2DS
Prof. Gur Raquel, University of Pennsylvania , USA.
Dr. Barzilay Ran, University of Pennsylvania; Medicine , USA.
Prof. Gothelf Doron, Medical Research Fund - Sheba Medical Center, Israel.
Medicine - Neurological and Sensory Systems4253800
2017361 (2017) Plasmacytoid dendritic cells in PBC
Dr. Gershwin M. Eric, University of California, USA.
Dr. Zigmond Ehud, Sourasky Medical Center, Israel.
Life Science - Immunology4243000
2017359 (2017) Startup Antibody response analysis to protein drugs
Prof. DeKosky Brandon J, University of Kansas , USA.
Dr. Wine Yariv, Tel Aviv University , Israel.
Life Science - Immunology2120000
2017357 (2017) Startup Single Cell Gene Expression Analysis of Matrix-Directed Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation
Dr. Basu Anindita, University of Chicago , USA.
Prof. Buxboim Amnon, The Hebrew University, Israel.
Biomedical Engineering2120000
2017356 (2017) Allosteric coupling within bacterial chemosensory arrays
Prof. Parkinson John S, University of Utah, USA.
Prof. Vaknin Ady S, The Hebrew University, Israel.
Life Science - Microbiology4246383
2017342 (2017) Dissecting the transcriptional control over critical period plasticity in cortical GABAergic neurons
Dr. Fagiolini Michela, Boston Children`s Hospital, USA.
Dr. Spiegel Ivo, Weizmann Institute of Science , Israel.
Life Science - Neurobiology4270000
2017338 (2017) Predators regulate patch nutrient dynamics
Dr. Hawlena Dror, The Hebrew University, Israel.
Dr. Wilder Shawn, Oklahoma State University , USA.
Life Science - Ecology4259200
2017325 (2017) Modeling autism risk genes in zebrafish
Dr. Hoffman Ellen J, Yale Medical School, USA.
Prof. Levkowitz Gil, Weizmann Institute of Science , Israel.
Life Science - Neurobiology4270000
2017323 (2017) Startup Resistance to cetuximab in HNC
Dr. Baselga Jose, Sloan Kettering Institute, USA.
Dr. Scaltriti Maurizio, Sloan Kettering Institute, USA.
Dr. Elkabets Moshe, Ben Gurion University , Israel.
Medicine - Cancer260000
2017322 (2017) Ferritin trafficking in the kidney
Dr. Rouault Tracey A, NIH, USA.
Dr. Bhalla Vivek, Stanford University; Medicine , USA.
Dr. Meyron-Holtz Esther G, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel.
Life Science - Cell and Developmental Biology4253800

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